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Road Traffic Investigations in Kenya

Involvement in a road traffic accident (R.T.A.) can be an incredibly traumatic time, especially as resulting litigation is rising due to increased court awards and injured parties becoming more aware of compensation payouts.
At LY Private Investigations we have a team of highly experienced private investigators who are skilled at conducting fully independent and thorough R.T.A. investigations to help establish what really happened.
We work with private individuals and lawyers, as well as many local insurance companies.

Why You Need LY Private Investigators

There are many reasons why people turn to LY private investigators for assistance in an R.T.A investigation.

To establish the truth – accidents happen so quickly that sometimes it’s impossible to remember what actually happened. An accident reconstruction can help establish the truth and provide a sense of closure.

To establish liability – if you can’t be certain of the exact circumstances of the accident you may be held liable for any resulting damages or injuries. We can explore the truth and, if you’re not at fault, help prove your innocence.

To obtain evidence for court – if you need to find evidence to prove you were not negligent and didn’t cause the accident, we can obtain the necessary evidence to help your case stand up in court.

How LY R.T.A. Investigation Works

Investigating a road traffic accident involves a number of different elements. Our investigators will handle the entire case from the onset, and provide you with a clear and comprehensive report.

Our investigations include:

  • Locus reports – we will visit the scene, or location, of the accident and draw up surveys and site plans suitable for court use. We can also obtain photographic or video evidence and will examine the point of impact, as well as the final resting positions and any marks at the scene.
  • Witness statements – we record and transcribe witness interviews as well as interviews with all those involved in the accident. We have a high success rate for tracing any witnesses whose evidence can prove vital to your case.
  • Vehicle examination – we will carry out thorough examinations of the vehicles involved. We look beyond the damage suffered to check components like brakes, tyres and steering, which may help determine the cause of the accident.