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Private Investigators in Kenya

If you are looking for professional private investigators in Nairobi then you have come to the right place. LY Detective Agency Kenya Limited has over 15 years experience in all types of investigations ranging from private matters through to commercial, legal & litigation, security and can even assist with spy technology equipment.

Each one of our  private investigations  is meticulous from your initial contact through to strategy implementation. Our highly trained private investigators offer confidential advice whilst carrying out each operation with the maximum level of discretion and professionalism throughout, understanding your problem and achieving the desired results is our aim.
When you speak to any LY  private investigator  it will become clear to you that you are dealing with industry experts who work within the letter of the law and will not compromise our high level of morals and ethics simply for financial gain.

Dealing with our private investigators will give you the best chance of the service you require being completed successfully the first time of asking. We have built our reputation on closing cases by obtaining evidence in the correct manner and always putting our clients’ needs first.
We have an expert team of multi-disciplined investigators that can help you discreetly, with a number of services to get to the truth of a situation from surveillance services to gathering evidence, corporate, legal and matrimonial and relationship investigators to private security and everything in-between.

We are known as Kenya’s top private investigators with over 15 years’ experience in the investigation sector and our investigators have over 100 years combined experience. We work within the law to ensure that all of our clients achieve the best results possible that they are looking for. Our services can be used by anybody whether it’s for private, corporate, commercial or legal investigations and offer affordable and innovative solutions to sensitive and complicated problems