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Infidelity/ Matrimonial Investigators In Kenya

Did you ever think you would have a need to contact a private investigator?
Probably not. Which is why we understand the many questions that you may have – at the moment – or in the future.
Will we understand? Do we care? Are we discreet?
It is natural to feel exposed when you finally share fears or suspicions that may have troubled you for months, or years. We know. We have dealt with many people just like you, private individuals who want answers, to know the truth.

So we place equal importance on both understanding your problem and dealing with it effectively, without fuss or drama.
LY has over 15 years experience of listening to our clients and gaining their trust. That trust is based on an honest and expert appraisal of your case and treating it individually. Our nationwide team of tenacious but discreet investigators has the expertise to choose the right methods to get to the bottom of your issue.
That means that during our free initial consultation, we may advise on ways you can rectify the matter without our help, we will also advise you on the possible consequences of proceeding with an investigation. Sometimes discovering the truth is just the start of your journey to resolution.
LY Private Investigations Firm provides discreet service tailored to suit your needs. At the outset you will get an understanding ear from one of our trained investigators and at the conclusion a full and detailed report outlining the facts.

A clear explanation of our charges and what you can expect from our investigation enable us to work with you to set your realistic budget with no hidden extras.

We assist clients with Matrimonial Investigations in the following -:

  • Private Surveillance
  • Private Observations
  • Relationship Observations
  • Matrimonial Observations
  • Nanny Watch
  • Neighbour Watch

Observations take many forms and we cover all forms of surveillance:

  • Static 
  • Foot 
  • Mobile 
  • GPS based tracker Surveillance

Wherever possible photographic or video evidence will be obtained at the time of the surveillance, and given to you in digital format.

Is your partner or spouse acting differently? There are usually many signs that something outside of your relationship is suspicious. Does your partner truly treat your relationship as monogamous? Is that person you met on-line really who he or she says they are.
Surveillance can be conducted from a spouse or partner’s workplace, golf club, gym, college/night class, or even the local pub. Insight can conduct discreet surveillance anywhere and provide you with the evidence of the facts. We will pass neither judgment or comment upon the events we witness, LY is in the business of providing you with sufficient information to allow you to then make informed choices whilst in full possession of the facts and as our Client you will be entitled to whatever information we uncover. Our Client confidentiality is paramount and exercised in all that we do whilst engaged by you.