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Internet Dating Fraud

It is said that 1 in 4 relationships now start with on-line contact, and internet dating  is increasingly popular with people looking for love and potential future spouses. Because of the nature of the internet it is now possible to have contact with prospective partners not just in Kenya, but globally.

As online dating has grown, so have the number of instances of internet dating fraud. This type of activity is aimed at people who have a profile on a dating site.  The fraudsters often posing as military personnel or perhaps high standing company executives are often criminals from Kenya and overseas.
Increasingly such fraudsters are becoming very clever and will always have upgraded, full membership profiles to appear genuine. They will devise stories that they need money now to travel to meet the potential partner or they are in financial difficulties so need to borrow money straightway.  Some have a tendency to engage in a ‘long con’, whereas they will build up an online relationship with their target, in some cases refusing initial offers of financial assistance, in order to hook their target at a later date for a substantial amount.