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Commercial & Corporate Investigators in Kenya

Commercial and Corporate Investigations  take many shapes and forms in today’s complex Kenyan business environment. Budgets are stretched and the challenges facing a business and its employees can sometimes lead to issues that start off small, but then lead to wider spread problems which can affect the very fabric of your organization and damage both your credibility, reputation and bottom line profits.

The kinds of issues that we are referring to are matters like  Employee Theft , Company Fraud and Industrial Espionage. Some of these can start off on a relatively small scale but as time progresses, and the perpetrator becomes bolder in their endeavors (normally due to a lack of detection), the situation can soon become out of control and start damaging your business.

At  LY Investigations  we have faced these scenarios on many occasions and our highly experienced team are practiced at spotting these problems, bringing them to the surface, and identifying the culprits. The behavior indicators and activities that they look out for are wide reaching and our investigators are comprehensively trained on how to spot them.
Typical warning signs might include:
  • Individuals with large debts who may be looking for personal gain
  • Transactions that take place at unusual times, with odd amounts of money going to conspicuous recipients
  • Missing documents with only photocopies available
  • Alterations and back dating on documents
  • Employees that control a process from start to finish with nobody else involved
  • Discrepancies in accounting records

Corporate Investigator Companies in Kenya

These are just some of the indicators that might suggest that a company fraud is taking place. Our professional investigators will not jump to any conclusions. It is only after a thorough investigation has taken place, evidence gathered, and when appropriate questions have been asked that we make our conclusions and then advise you on what action to take. It can often be the case that there is nothing to worry about; it’s only when there is a behavioral pattern that emerges that cause concern we will inform you. For Professional Investigative Advice call us.
Investigating company fraud is just one aspect of our services. In addition to this, other services that we provide include:

We have specialists in these areas and can provide you with the know-how and expertise to conduct commercial investigations and corporate investigations within your organisation. We will enable you to make informed decisions about any of the aforementioned issues that you may be facing.
Any organisation, large or small, can be vulnerable to internal threats and require assistance in how to counteract them. Of course prevention is often better than cure so you might need to ask yourself questions like Have you carried out a fraud risk assessment? and How robust is your process for vetting staff?