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Company Background Check Services

Conducting a company background check is a crucial step to take if you’re about to enter into a business relationship with another company, are considering buying shares in a business, or have concerns about the finances of a company you’re doing business with.

By undertaking an investigation into a company, you’re protecting your own reputation, minimizing the risk of fraud against your business, and ensuring that your company continues to operate in a safe and normal manner.

At LY Detective Agency, we have an experienced team of private investigators with the skills and expertise to investigate thoroughly a company on your behalf, to give you peace of mind when entering into a business relationship.

Why You Need a Company Background Check

In today’s tough economic environment, it’s essential to know who you’re doing business with. For new businesses, company background checks are crucial to help evaluate and identify a potentially damaging business relationship that could destroy your reputation before you’ve had time to fully establish it.

Meanwhile, if you’re an established business you need to ensure that any trading partnerships you form are going to grow your business, not destroy your reputation.

Even if you don’t run a company yourself, many people rely on companies to keep our personal data safe and provide goods and services. A company background check can put your mind at rest regarding companies you entrust with your business.

What Happens During a Company Investigation?

Company checks are a broad area of investigation, and can involve many different aspects. Depending on your requirements, this could include researching a company’s assets and liabilities, investigating their historical transactions and competitors, in-depth analysis into their finances, and monitoring their stock and equipment.

In addition, we can organize mystery shopping and test purchasing, conduct an investigation into the general marketplace and any new products and services about to come onto the market, and research the company directors.