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Asset Recovery Services In Kenya

Each year, many Kenyan companies fall victim to the theft of company assets. If you’re the owner of a company, or a director, executive or departmental manager, this can be a distressing and disheartening time. It can also prove difficult for company morale, as all employees will feel under suspicion and a lack of trust could spread throughout the company.
At LY Private Investigations, we have a dedicated and highly trained team of private investigators who have the skills and experience to track down company assets, and locate the person or people responsible for the theft.

Company Assets

Company theft comes in many forms. It could be a disgruntled employee stealing money or items such as laptops or mobile phones. Often it involves the loss of bigger items including company vehicles, machinery, or other goods or equipment used in your business.

Alternatively, the person responsible could be a former employee, business partner or associate, or even a visitor or contractor to your site.

Whatever the circumstances, our detectives will carry out a thorough investigation in order to uncover the truth, and locate and return your property to you.

Asset Recovery Investigations

Our asset recovery services include investigating and recovering lost or stolen property for insurance companies, businesses and individuals. We have worked alongside many insurance companies on asset recovery cases, gathering as much information as possible in order to determine the circumstances of the theft and recover the stolen items.

We approach each case with the same level of focused determination to establish all relevant facts in a cost-effective and speedy manner.

The work we carry out includes local investigation and intelligence work, use of hidden cameras, plus detailed investigations into the lives of suspected employees or contractors.