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Accident Investigators in Kenya

Every year, hundreds of accidents occur across Kenya, claiming lives and affecting many others through permanent injury and loss of ability to work. For every accident that occurs, at least two or more lives are lost...
At LY Private Investigations, we have a dedicated team of private investigators who are skilled at investigating and reconstructing accidents to help establish the facts and prevent future accidents.
We work with many insurance companies, as well as lawyers and private individuals.
Types of Investigations

Road traffic accidents account for the majority of our work, but we also have a vast amount of experience in investigating accidents in the workplace, industrial accidents, and public liability claims (trips and falls).

We also work closely with insurance companies to investigate fraudulent insurance claims.

How LY Private Investigators Can Help You

Accidents happen so quickly. It is often difficult to remember the exact circumstances of the event. We have a wealth of experience in producing accident reconstructions to help establish what really happened and provide a sense of closure for those involved.

Our investigators carry out a thorough examination of the circumstances of the accident, and speak to those concerned as well as any witnesses to help determine liability. All our evidence is presented in a clear, concise and comprehensive report, which can help your case stand up in court or at a tribunal.

LY Private Investigatirs in Kenya working at an accident crime scene where a red pajero has collided headon with a black subaru

How Our Accident Investigations Work

Investigating an accident involves a number of different elements. Our investigators will visit the scene, or locus, of the accident and compile detailed, accurate sketch plans of the area. We will also obtain photographic evidence and present this in our report along with any written observations about the location.

Our investigators interview everybody involved in the accident, as well as any witnesses. As a detective agency, we have an excellent record for tracking down witnesses who could be pivotal to your case. All interviews are recorded and transcribed, and permissible for use in a court or tribunal.

In addition, for road traffic accidents we will carry out a thorough examination of the vehicles involved, including brakes, steering and tyres to see if this can help shed light on the cause of the accident.

We have an excellent record of carrying out professional and thorough investigations, and our services can be adapted to fit your needs.