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LY Private Investigators Firm/Company in Kenya

LY Private Investigators is one of Kenya’s longest established and most respected Private Investigator Agencies.

If you need a Private Investigator in Nairobi, or the rest of Kenya, then let us help you. Our Services include; Forensic Investigations, Matrimonial(Infidelity) Investigations, Corporate and Commercial Investigations, Legal and Litigation Support, Private Security, Surveillance and Spy Technology Services.  With over 15 years’ experience helping people find a solution to their problems, there are very few situations that our private investigators haven’t seen before, and more importantly, whatever your circumstances, we’re here to help and understand your situation.

So why should you choose Kenya’s LY Private Investigators? 

Well, there are literally hundreds of reasons why you might choose us but here are the top five that our clients tell us make the difference, when they are choosing a Private Investigator in Kenya.
We get results. Of course not every problem has a simple solution but we’re realistic, tenacious and resolve a very high proportion (96%) of our cases.
Our team of Private Investigators have many years of experience. They are multi-disciplined, which allows them to often provide a quicker solution to a case than some other firms.
We give you a realistic assessment of the case, the time required to complete it and the costs involved. Understanding your situation is paramount.

We operate locally, nationally and at time worldwide. We travel the world if necessary to get the result you need.

We’re friendly, approachable and discreet. We are here to help whatever your circumstances and we are happy to talk to you in complete confidence. Many cases require a level of discretion to resolve a sensitive situation and we understand the need for confidentiality.

LY Private Investigators In Nairobi Kenya crime scene services

LY Private  Investigators have built an unrivaled reputation based on national service, local knowledge together with multi-disciplined personnel and it is this unique skill set that has helped us to grow to become one of the leading Detective Agencies in Kenya.

We have experienced male and female  Private Investigators  who can help with a wide range of cases.

Take a look at some of Our Services we currently have to offer below: or alternatively, call us now on:  072133 1944 for immediate help and advice from one of our team.

Matrimonial Investigators – If you are worried about your spouse or partner then our discreet and professional male and female investigators will gather the facts to provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

Commercial and Corporate Investigators  – A complex business environment brings many challenges, you may be having problems for which we can help, regardless of scale or complexity.

Employee Theft and  Company Fraud – Ever-growing problems in times of economic hardship, we can provide a range of services all of which are discreet, effective and help you protect your business.

Electronic Surveillance – A delicate area, however we hire and sell a range of equipment to help aid you, including; Phone monitoring, Listening devices and Covert cameras.

Tracing Investigations Missing relatives and or old you have not seen for a long time, or even relatives you never knew you had.

Background Checks Modern times and technology makes it easier to fool one another, claiming glory or replicating someone falsely. We can help provide a number of background checks based on a company, personnel or an employee.
Insurance Investigations – There are growing problems as a result of fraudulent insurance claims. We can help rectify unnecessary payouts through several types of investigation; Industrial injury claims, Accident, Sickness and Personal Injury claims.
Computer Forensics – Serious concern over the activities or communications taking place within your household? Check out the Computer Forensics / Monitoring page for further detail on how we can help your growing concern.
Surveillance – Over 15 years experience in what has proven to be a pivotal role in the investigation industry thus far, we undertake a variety of surveillance activities including; Static Observations, Mobile Surveillance, Covert Surveillance and GPS Tracking.
We’re available on call 24/7 for 365 days a year, so whenever you have a need for a Private Investigator, LY Detective Agency Private Investigations is here for you.