Private Investigators In Kenya; Corporate Investigators In Kenya; Infidelity Investigators In Nairobi Kenya;Confidential Private Investigation Services in Forensic Investigators in Kenya;Surveillance Operations, Skip Tracing/Debt Collection, Pre-Employment Background Checks, Employee Fraud Detection and Prevention, Crisis Management, Corporate Investigations, Asset Determination, Deleted Computer Data Recovery, Security and Risk Assessments, Loss Investigation and Prevention Strategies

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Important application instructions for all positions:

The following items must be attached to your on-line application (PDF format preferred):
  • Unofficial transcripts for all degrees
  •  Cover letter: please describe your knowledge, skills, abilities, and aspirations not evident from your resume, that make you a good candidate for the Agency (1 page)
  •  Qualifications Supplement – in a separate PDF attachment address the following questions:
  1.  Why does a career in private investigation service appeal to you (1 paragraph)
  2. Why do you wish to work for the Agency (1 paragraph)
  3. Which county do you prefer to work from and why? (1 paragraph)
  4.  Describe one thing from your academic, military, or professional background that has prepared you for success in the Agency (1 paragraph)
  5.  Complete this thought: "I do my best work when..." (1 paragraph)
  6.  Describe a time when you did not succeed, professionally or academically, and what you learned from that experience (2 paragraphs)